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Algebra Operations

Task Description:

For today’s Maths task, we had to do this new task which was all about what operations we use for the equations given to us. For the first slide I think I had overthought it but I managed to kind of work my way through this by adding the cubed colored bags together and then I got my answer in this way, for the second slide it was the same but there two different questions and they were “Do any of the collections have the same total?” And my answer for that was yes, because if you go back to the first slide you will see that most of the collections held most of the same answers. And the second question asked “Why does this happen?” I didn’t really know what to say but I just said that I think the difference was in the numbers depending on how high or small it was to get to the same answer from different equations but still adding with different numbers. And for both the fourth and fifth slide it was to understand the orders of the operation, what I found hard about these two was that it did take a while to try and solve but I know that I have to start with the multiplication in these equations so I think from there it sort of helped me out. Overall I did do my best and I think that I could improve in this a lot if I do more.

Word Problems

Task Description:

For this task, I had to do these words problems, and in them contained both words and numbers for me I don’t really do good in word problems because sometimes I misread or don’t understand what or where the equation is in it, and since today was the day to get this, I can say I did need a little bit of help. Me and my friend did this together and we solved each question on our own, and if one of us needed help, we would both work on the slide together. My highlight for this task was giving the word problems a go and trying to solve it out, the low light for this was that some of these word problems were confusing to understand but I managed to understand in the end.


Coordinate Battleship

Task Description:

For this Math’s task, I didn’t understand it at first. But then a few students in my class taught me how the game was suppose to work, it took me a while to really get the hang of it and do it with a partner but during each round and game it started becoming really fun to play it was pretty obvious I lost but what was important was that I had fun. I didn’t want to take a lose as an option so I asked to do a couple more rounds of the game again and because we had it for F.I.O.P my highlight for this was getting to learn a new math type game to do with friends and family my low light was not understanding and trying to really think where each ship is located though that is the point of the game. What I think I could work on is thinking of other ways to find the ships.


Expressions 3

Task Description:

For this task, I had to go through these questions and answer each one, I found this kind of confusing for the way it looked, but I had some help from friends in my group. I managed to finish this task, my highlight for this task was getting better each time I do these types of equations and my low light was I guess trying to take a photo of my maths book to show my working out. What I think I could work on is trying to solve these equations in my head instead of on the book this way it is quicker and more efficient for me to do my work.

Expressions 2

For today’s math task, I managed to finish this task, my highlight for this task was getting this done and blogged. Also having to really understand the questions and the answers. I didn’t have a low light for this task and something I’ve learnt from this task is that not everything is as hard as it looks you just need to give it a go. I think I did really well and if I haven’t I did my best.

Expressions 1

Task Description:

For today’s Math session, I had to do this task and this task was about expressions. At first, my brain did not process what was happening in the equations given to me, until my teacher gave some examples on how to solve some of those equations. She had given us a few more so we could maybe start to really understand how the equations worked. My highlight for this task was getting to really learn how to do the equations by myself after learning how to do it which taught me how the letter with the numbers work. My low light for this task was trying to get the hang of doing the equations and I would like to work on doing more of these types of equations.

Amazing Algebra

Task Description:

For this task, I had to answer some questions about patterns in numbers and Identify the rule of it. I then had to say what I thought the 50th number was in properly every slide here. On the last slide I then had to multiply two and three digit numbers and do some division. My highlight for this task was I guess getting my brain thinking about the questions and my low light was having to think really hard for the answers, I think something I might work on is trying to find what the 50th number is, I found that quite tricky to do.

Introduction to Algebra!

Task Description:

For today’s Math session, we have a new task to do. And for this task we had to learn about Algerbra. I thought this task was going to be hard but I managed to learn how to do it, and it was easier than I thought. I worked along with Swaimah so we could figure out the answers together.

3D Representations

Task Description:

For this maths task, we had to learn about three dimensional models to two dimensional representations. I found this task not quite hard but not quite easy either, I found interesting to do though, because we had to re-create these abnormal shapes.  I found it hard at first but I think I improved along the way, my highlight for this task was to do something new and having to finish this and get onto algebra, my low light for this task was having to try figure out what belonged where was what because we had to use mats. Other than that this task was pretty average to do for me.

Confidence in Coordinates

Task Description:

Today for the middle block, we did maths. For maths we did concrete coordinates, basically more learning about coordinates, except this time, it was Paris Tourist Attractions. I found this task hard although I learn some more new things, especially attractions in Paris. We had to find some places in Paris and say what to coordinates were.