Tag: Maths


Task description:For today’s maths we had to get into mixed groups, while we were in mixed groups we had to do a science experiment for sugar dissolving in water. We were and still are learning how to make accurate measurements using a variety of measuring equipment. We had also learnt some new vocabulary and these words were solute, meaning the substance (sugar) being dissolved in the water, the next word was solvent which meant dissolving (water) solvent was the water that dissolved the sugar. And the last one was the solution which meant a mixture of 2 or more substances. In the end we learnt and enjoyed the science experiment.



Today and yesterday for maths we had to compare 2 variables, our student teacher gave us one variable which was hours of sleep and we had to compare that to another variable of our choice. My group had chosen height since it’s only between our selves and the people in our group which is much easier to analyse and collect data from. There were other choices for the other variable and the options were: Gender and age, are for people that want to collect data and analyse the whole class. Height and well being plus others, for those who just wanted easier ones to do themselves.


We learnt about PPDAC on Monday, which we didn’t know about and we found out what each stood for, P stands for problem, the other P stands for Plan, D stands for Data, A stands for Analyse and C stands for conclusion.