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2 Dawn Raid – 20th June – 3rd July

Task Description: For this reading task, we had to read a few more pages about the Dawn Raid and answer these comprehension questions, for some of these questions I had to go back into the story and skim and scan for the answers. And finally for the last task I had to choose two activities that I thought that I could do and I chose to do the diary entry and the emoji story. I thought the emoji story was gonna be easy until our literacy teacher said that we had to make the emoji’s ourselves. I found that challenging till I tried, Our WALT for this task was monitor ourselves to read through a novel and to know we’ve done this is when we know that we can keep up with my group. If I fall behind I catch up and play an active part in our group discussions. 

Area and Volume of 2D and 3D shapes

Task Description: For this maths task, we had to learn about area,volume, 2D shapes and 3D shapes. This was a bit tricky for me to do, but I managed to get through this task efficiently, I watched the following videos to help me understand each slide. Which they did, I think my answers to the following slides were correct and I hope they were. Our WALT for this task was choose the appropriate form of measurement and our success criteria was when we knew how to measure length, volume and mass. 

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Dawn Raid – Informational Report

Vika Dawn Raid_ Informational report

Task Description: For this task, we had to write an informational report about the dawn raids. We had to make sure it was in our own words and had to have diagrams to show how things were back then. I found this really tricky to do, since this was way past when I was born, I tried my best on finding information based on whats happened in the past. I researched a lot and it will hopefully be something new that you learn today about the dawn raids. Our WALT (“WALT” meaning We Are Learning To) for this task was to monitor ourselves to fully complete a task and to effectively plan before we start writing. Our success criteria when we know we’ve done that is every element of the task is completed on time and that we have recorded down the information I will use to form my writing.