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The Enchanted forest

Enchanted Forest

Task Description:

For this task, we had to write a story about us being in an enchanted forest, we had to write about our adventures in the enchanted forest, we had to create a problem then solve it but we also had to include a lot of dialogue, I decided that I wanted to make mine long though I didn’t have too. I actually quite enjoyed doing this task because it got me to imagine or to think about what I did or what I could do in my story.

Mystery at camp – Adventure

Mystery at camp – Adventure

Late at night, both me and my friend, Swaimah heard strange noises outside. We peeked outside the curtains and tried to hear and see where exactly the sound was coming from, it was coming from the trees nearby our cabin. We tried to ignore it because we were tired and didn’t want to be sleepy the next day. (The following day) When we went to where we all were supposed to meet, one of our teachers had announced that their phone went missing late last night.

 “Someone has come to my cabin and taken my phone and has it somewhere, if you know who it is or you are that person please return it to me.” The teacher had stared at our group for a while before turning back to the rest of the teams, did she suspect us as that “someone?” We had breakfast and went back to our cabins. “Did you see that?” Swaimah said, “The way she looked at us?” I said. “Obviously, she suspects us as the culprit without asking us any questions.” Swaimah replied. 

“Do you think she saw us peeking outside thinking we took her phone?” I asked. “Well probably if she suspects us that much.” Swaimah said, we looked at each other for a while then we sat in silence. “I have an idea!” Swaimah exclaimed. “We should try and find her phone, and then maybe we can clear our names from being culprits.” Swaimah explained.

 “Well, that would take a while, and after all it wasn’t our fault. We were just curious about what was outside.” I said, Swaimah and I sat in silence again, “We can’t just do nothing, she’s going to be looking at us all weird everytime we pass by, we have to find her phone and who stole it.” Swaimah said, “Fine, but if this fails it’s your fault.” I said, “Alright, let’s start with what we heard last night.” Swaimah said, “I heard the branches breaking, and birds calling. But I don’t know anything in particular about the noise, I was just curious since it annoyed me so much.” I said, “I saw a light flash in the trees nearby, and then I saw the branches move quite a lot but there wasn’t any wind blowing at the time.” Swaimah replied, 

“Do you think someone framed us and told her purposely that it was us?” I asked, “Probably but we shouldn’t assume, maybe there were other reasons why she assumes us.” Swaimah replied, “Ok let’s start by planning how we might figure this out.” Swaimah replied, (A few hours later) “And there you have it, that’s how we can solve this!” Swaimah exclaimed. “Well, that does make sense but where on Earth do we have that much time to go around asking where people were and what they did last night, wouldn’t that make us more suspicious?” I asked, we looked at the paper, then at each other we fell back to the floor. “We aren’t going to be able to do anything about it if we don’t even have a plan,” I sobbed. “It’s fine, it’s nearly time for the first activity we should start getting ready.” Swaimah said, we both got up and started to put on our shoes and head to our first activity which was archery. 

We started shooting arrows at the targets. We were quite bad and we kept missing quite a lot, we got better, eventually. I turned around to grab another arrow until I saw two girls walk past with something that was a reflection of the sun in their hands, could it possibly be the teacher’s missing phone? “Swaimah, look over there! That could possibly stop the suspicion from our teacher.” I exclaimed, “So much for all that planning,” Swaimah replied. “Hurry up, we need to spy on them to see if they actually have the phone,” I said. We both asked if we could go to the “toilet” and we tried to catch up to them, we found them and we hid behind a bush, “What’s the password?” Veronica asked, “I don’t know, I just grabbed it and ran off,” Vannesa replied. 

“This is going to take forever, someone will eventually find out it’s us.” Veronica uttered, “It’s fine, because I already took a photo of those two girls from another cabin and edited it to look like it was them who took it,” Vannesa replied. “It was them, they just photoshopped us to look like we took it.” I whispered, Swaimah accidentally stepped on a branch and they turned around, we ran before they noticed we were hiding, we went back to the archery station and stayed there till the activity was over (obviously) we went to our teacher Mrs Hill and told her that it wasn’t us and it was in fact vanessa and Veronica.

Respond to Text – The 20 minute City

Task Description:

For this reading task, we had to read a story and a few articles about a 15 – 20 minute city, and answer these few questions, for our create task we had to do a video and a presentation about the 15 – 20 minute city. My highlight for this task was doing this with my partner Swaimah and going through all these together and that we only did one take for the video to be completed. My low light for this task was having to go back and fourth from articles and stories to find out what to write on our presentation for the 20 minute city. I took a lot on board from both the reading and writing tasks that we had this week. I hope we get to do more like this in the future to come. I hope you enjoy going through these few slides and watching our presentation.

Vocab Swap

Vika Vocabulary Swap

Task Description:

For this task, I had to swap 10 adjectives or verbs with a friend and write a story about it, I really didn’t know what to write with the 10 adjectives or verbs that was given to me but I finally figured it out and wrote a long story. If you want to find out what I wrote about you can click on this link above this description!

Thank you Ma’am: Response to text

Task Description:

Today for literacy, we had to finish off our reading tasks for this week. And for this first slide we had to kind of think about what the woman in the photo’s personality was, By the expression on her face I found it kind of hard to find her emotions. But I think I found some type of information about her personality, On the second slide for the second question I had to answer “What is Roger’s internal conflict?” This question was asked based of the scene of what was going on in the story, I thought it was because he didn’t know whether to run out the door or to listen to what Mrs. Jones said to do. For the rest of the slides I had to answer about the boys personality and his background, what I thought the main message of the story was and a video of me and my partner discussing why I thought that was the main message of the author and you should click on the video to find out more. (On the last slide)

Thank you ma’am – Word Associations Activity

Task Description:

For this task, I had to match words from this Word Bank and put reasons as to why I think that word had belong to the other word. I did the easier ones first because I thought if I started with the easier ones that the harder ones won’t be hard to find. For example, Barren and Frail both sounded that they belong to both Dessert and Elderly.

New Vocabulary

Task Description:

For this reading task, I had to find the meaning of words and put them into a sentence, I found this very difficult to do because I hardly knew any of the words that were on the task to do. My highlight for this task was I guess getting to know new vocabulary since this was the main goal for this task and my low light was probably trying to understand it’s meaning and come up with my own sentence with that new word in it. I hope to work on more new vocab so I can probably use it instead of the same words I usually use every day.

Barriers to education

Task Description:

For this reading task, I had to read a text about things that block young students from education. I found some interesting information while reading the text, I knew about a few from the text but having to know that there was about more than eight barriers to education was quite surprising. After I had finished reading the text I had to answer these few questions on these slides. Some of these questions were directly to me about why I thought this or why I thought that, and the last slide was basically asking which of the barriers to education I thought was the most saddening to hear about or which was unfair and then I had to explain it. The last question on the last slide was for me to imagine I was a principal of a school, and what I would do to ensure that my school is a place where both genders can attend knowing that they care safe and cared for. I had to really think about this question like all the questions and go into depth about it. One thing I liked about this task was the text because it told me many things I really didn’t know about. Which was really surprising to know. The WALT for this task was to analyse authors values,attitudes and beliefs, and to find,select and use a range of texts suited to the learning purpose.

Skiing in Afghanistan 2

Task Description:

For last weeks literacy session, we had to do another slide about the story we read. If you want to know what story, it’s the front of this cover on the slides in front of you right now. Anyways, we had to answer more difficult type questions about the text, we had to dig deep into the story because we had to answer what we thought the Author’s message was. I’m pretty sure this whole slide was questions about the author and their experiences there. My highlight for this task was that I got to imagine the things that were happening in Afghanistan while reading the text, and how the author managed to go to Afghanistan despite the dangers. The WALT for this task was to Analyse authors values, attitudes and beliefs.

Skiing in Afghanistan

Task Description:

During literacy last week, we had to read and complete this task. The name of the story we read was “Skiing in Afghanistan” By Neil Silverwood. We had to answer some comprehension questions after we had read the text, this whole presentation was just asking us about the text overall, but we really had to dig deep about the information that was being giving from the text to answer these questions. The highlight I found from this task was that I learnt things about my friends country, which I never knew about, and the low light for this task was having to read a very long text. Though I’ve read longer so this text didn’t really bother me, our WALT for this task was analyse the authors values, attitudes and beliefs.