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Cast out

Cast out

Walking out from a scene in the dark of night, from an abandoned warehouse with limbs torn to pieces with thick red liquid splattered all over the place. A white mask and black clothes, not much information to who’s doing this. They’d always leave a purple hyacinth on the bodies that lay dead in the dark of night. It’s now a foggy morning as the police station is as busy as ever figuring out who is on the run of murders. 

(Fun fact: The hyacinth that the killer leaves on the dead bodies they had killed, symbolises forgiveness,) 

“Found anything yet?” questioned Aayan, “No,” replied Nivera. “You’ve been in here all night, how are you not tired,” Aayan asked. “Purple hyacinth is still on the run, how could I possibly be resting now?” Nivera replied. “I just think that it would be best if you rest since me and Blythe are on night shift today. “Fine,” Nivera got up from her station and headed out to the cafe that was nearby. 

As she went to sit down a stranger had sat down with her, she sat in silence for a bit. The stranger had rattled on about how beautiful she was, her hair was as red as the roses in gardens, her eyes were as fiery as the sun that shone above all. She had got annoyed and had gotten up from her seat to leave, the stranger had then grabbed Nivera’s hand by force, “hey, we were just starting to have fun, why are you leaving?” He asks, she then grabbed his other hand and twisted it until he had let her wrist go. He let go of her and she walked out, she had seen her friend, and their hair was as blue as the sky and their eyes were as gold as treasure.

 “What happened?” Blythe had said. “Nothing,” Nivera had replied. (A few days later) “I’ve got it.” Nivera said, “The purple hyacinth is a meaning of forgiveness, but why?” Nivera questioned herself. “I just don’t understand, why would the murder do this,” Nivera said. 

It is now the dead of night and another murder has been done, the investigators search the house as to where the crime had been. “Another body on the ground, guess what evidence we found of it.” One investigator said. “A purple hyacinth,” they said. “There! The murder is jumping from one another on the roof!” A stranger had said. 

Nivera, her friends and the rest of her group ran as quickly as they could to get to the murderer. Then the squad had come between two paths, Nivera knew that they would lose the person who was on the run. She had climbed up one of the buildings close by and kept running, while the other officers had splitted up between the two paths. Running as fast as she could, the murder was just too fast for her to catch. 

Then the person had jumped down from the roofs of houses and went down into an abandoned alley, Nivera followed as close as she could before they had been at a dead end, “I’ve got you now, you can’t run now,” Nivera says, while panting. In silence the two had circled each other, then fists fought one another, blood splattered on the ground. Until their eyes met and the figure fell over, surprised Nivera, came up close and pointed her gun directly at the figure’s head. “Take the hood off now,” She says. As the figure took off the hood, a male who had golden eyes, with the dark blue night sky for hair. “Join me,” He says. “What?” Nivera replied. “You heard what I said.” He replied. “What’s your name? 

“Why should I tell you? You just tried to kill me.” Nivera said while still pointing the gun to his head. “You know what, you’re not worth my time,” As Nivera was about to arrest him he went bouncing on to the roof. “We could have been friends, oh well” He says. “We both want revenge on the same group, so if you’re interested meet me here, at midnight tomorrow.” As he threw the card down, he had left. Nivera had walked back to the police station, “Oh Nivera! You’re okay! We were so worried about you! So did you find anything? Anything trace, or information?” Nivera friends had said. “No.” Nivera said softly, “Oh, alright then” Then after the investigation they all walked home for another day of mystery. 

Task Description:

Today for writing we had to write a story with suspense and tension in it, we had to add dramatic irony,foreshadowing,setting and imagery, and last withholding information. This was a lot to take in but I have managed to do so with this writing task. I hope you enjoy my story!

A Spell too far

A spell too far

I never thought I would ever see this in my life, a broom flying mid-air in the sky. That’s totally not strange, I walk past and then I see a green woman, am I dreaming? I walk and walk and see more strange things, a shop that’s a mall, a bird that’s a radio. Could it get any weirder than this? I sat on a bench and then it started moving like a train, it had rails and it moved fast. I held on to the back of the bench as my heart raced not knowing it could do this, then it stopped at a train like station and I got off. I don’t know where to go, I don’t know what to do, this has to be a dream. I’m too nervous to go up to someone and ask, do they even know I’m here? I slowly walked up to a robot like a human and asked “Do you know where I am?”  They had turned around and politely said, “You’re in the city?” With a confused look they had left. Now that I know I was in the city I tried to find a way out or at least someone who looks normal. Walking down the street I fell down a hole, “Ahhhh!” I screamed, It felt like a never ending fall, butterflies just flying all around my stomach as I feel like I’m going to puke soon. I land on dirt, well that hurt, I get up and it looks like I’m the alice in wonderland, not again. 





Dead Line

Dead Line

As soon as my mother left the phone rang, I didn’t find it odd or anything but I guess the timing was strange. I got up off the couch to answer the phone but to my surprise the caller cut off. Now that was something strange, a few minutes later I heard a soft voice in the distance “Hey,” repetitively, I peeked out from the curtains just to find empty street lights. I feel my heart racing, I lock all the doors and turn off the lights as I head to my room.

Closing my door and getting ready for bed I hear knocking on the door, could this get any worse than now? “Kate! Let me in, it’s cold out here” I heard my mum say. As I got up from my bed to open the door, I heard a ringing sound from my phone. As I grabbed the phone to answer it my heart dropped to find that “Mum” was the title of the person who was calling me. How? Isn’t she outside? I answer the phone and speak quietly, “hey hun I’ll be home soon because they cancelled work today.”

“Mum don’t come home,” I whisper to her through the phone. “Why?” she asked, “someone at the door and says there you” I replied. She had gone quiet for a few minutes and then the power cut out. I stayed on my phone but I had no wifi or data, lucky I had charged it not long ago but it was only fifty percent. I better not waste any of this, I used my phone as a light through the night, staying up all night scared and alone in my bed. I wait, longing for my mother to arrive yet still no sign.

It’s now the next day, and no sleep, tired and in bed. Mum still isn’t home yet but the weird person is now gone, I’m now worried that mum hasn’t made it home yet. I look back outside and everything seems fine, I see cars going past, people walking down the street and kids playing with each other. I got changed and went outside, walking down the street observing each house I went past. Still no sign of mum, I feel tired but it seems normal. I see a white hat on the road. I picked it up looking left and right but then I ended up in the middle of a railway track and my life was flashing before my eyes. I woke up in bed, hearing someone humming in the kitchen, getting up and walking as quietly as I could. I saw my mum, how? Was this all a dream? Or was this a prediction for a day that could come? Was it today?


Task Description:

For today’s task we had to do a free choice activity for writing, the activity I chose was called finish it, I had to chose one of the story prompts and finish it with my own style of writing. I decided to go with a horror type because I guess that was the feeling I was getting with the prompt. The prompt was ” As soon as my mother left the phone rang” I hope you enjoy this story!

The Treaty of Waitangi Explanation


The Treaty of Waitangi


Why is the Treaty of Waitangi so important to New Zealand? The Treaty of Waitangi was made so it could protect and help both British and Maori share the land without it being stolen or purchased, though, in the end, the crown gave some of the lands back just not to its original owners. 


Well, the Treaty of Waitangi was made to protect Maori culture along with its traditional knowledge. The Maori wanted their culture and knowledge to be recognized and respected. The Maori had forests and lands that were to not be taken from them because of the protection they got from the treaty, the crown also got the Maori’s protection back and the rights of the British subjects. 


For instance, the Treaty of Waitangi is still important to New Zealand ever since its signing. It is New Zealand’s history and is the telling of how New Zealand became how it is today. Today the treaty is widely accepted to be a lawful document that provides and guides the relationship between the crown in New Zealand and Maori. 


The Treaty was also made not just for the agreement between the British and Maori but also for peace between them. New Zealand’s founding document was meant to be a partnership between Maori and the British. It was intended to create unity, but different understandings of the treaty and breaches of it have caused a war. The Maori who agreed to sign did it because they wanted the British to make laws about behavior, the Maori who signed the treaty trusted that the British would make laws that would be good for both them and the settlers. But badly enough from what happened in Taranaki, the laws were good for the government and settlers but not for the Maori. 

The owl who couldn’t hunt

Long ago in the forest of animals, there stood a clumsy owl. The owl was very terrible at hunting for mice, every day the owl had slept and every night the owl had tried to hunt for food. But every time the owl tried to hunt they hit tree by tree, getting hungrier and hungrier, then one night when the owl was about to hunt the bright full moon had shone over the bright yellow eyes of the owl and had reflected making the owl see all types of creatures in the forest. The owl was shocked and flew through the thick trees finding the mice camouflaging with the dark. The owl was as quiet as a mouse and had landed on a tree looking down at the mice waiting for the perfect time to grab them. Counting down, the owl got its wings ready to grab the mice just below, then SWOOSH the owl grappled onto the mice making it hard for the mice to try and wriggle out. Bringing it back home for dinner, ripping out its insides and devouring it bit by bit. 


The End.

The Black Cat

The Black Cat 

It was a thunderous night, while I was in a rush to work. I suddenly slipped on the concrete and hit my head. It started to bleed out and suddenly I was unconscious on the ground with no one around. By the time I woke up I was in the same position on the concrete but this time I didn’t know where I was. It looked like I was in this alley with this black cat just wandering around. He had no collar, no owner, no nothing. He must have been a stray cat. I didn’t care much about that, what I cared about more was where I was and what time it was. I was about to check my watch but then I realised it wasn’t there. “This is strange,” I got up off the ground and started to walk out of the alley. I got anxious because I got negative vibes around here.


The mother and daughter on the wonder ship

“Sleep well darling, as we will all be here when you wake up,” I told my daughter as the Titanic sank underwater. As the ocean pulled the Titanic down, teardrops fell I never thought about my death till now. I thought my child would live longer…till today took place in the calendar of the unexpected. As the ship sank creaking, screaming, and yelling were all I could hear, my child was asleep and I could start to feel the cold freezing water. “I’m sorry you had to die this way,” whispering to my daughter as we drowned with the Titanic.

Picture Story for homework

Story for homework, (Describing whats in the picture with 6 sentences)


As I walked down a sidewalk, I could see an elderly man sitting on a bench all by himself. As the snow fell I could see a bright red rose in his hands. He seems sad by the look on his fac, it was cold and misty I couldn’t bother to let him sit all by himself. I went to the elderly man and sat next to him. I didn’t know what to say. Staring ay the rose, he asked, “Have you ever lost a loved one?” I sat in silence for a bit then saying “Yeah..” as I thought about it the poor guy must have lost someone today. As he looked up in the sky he said, “My name is Chris” I replied with “and my name is Hannah,”  “Pretty name you’ve got,” Chris had said,” Haha thanks” I replied, “tonight looked beautiful don’t you think?” Chris had smiled and said “Thank you Hannah, you’ve really made me happy” As I turn to look over and see Chris was fading away. “Wait!” I exclaimed, “why are you dissapearing!?” As I tried to grab his arm he became transparent I sit in slicence looking to the sky and close my eyes sitting under the post lamps as the sun started to rise. as his soul flew into thee after life, he can finally be with his loved ones.

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The 2 shoe makers

The 2 shoe makers

“Hey! That was my customer!’’ screamed George, 

“Too bad maybe I just have better shoes than you’ll ever have.’’ Thomas said with a smirk on his face. 

“I have been selling shoes here for more than anyone else who has been here! And you think you can steal them?’’ George said in an angered tone. 

Thomas whistled as he showed off the customers’ money to George, “You wont be getting this in a while’’ Thomas said laughing while watching George walk back inside his store. 

“Oh I’ll show you customers money,’’ George had mumbled as he got out all his tools and started to make a shoe that he thought Thomas would never be able to beat. 


The next day George walked out of the store showing off his brown shoe that he had been working so hard on. 

“Pfft that pathetic thing is what you come up with? Hahaha!’’ Thomas laughed hysterically, as Thomas pressed a button that said copy at the bottom of his truck with his crane his truck started to shake and shake. Within a few seconds his shoe rack became full with all the shoes looking exactly like George’s, “Beat that!’’ Thomas said with an evil look. 

George looked at the exact copy of shoes that Thomas had made but just more colourful, “Hey! That wasn’t fair, you can’t take my shoes and just make them your own!’’ George said in an angered voice.

“Well looks like I can’’ Thomas said 

George walked back inside and thought of giving up until his shoes came and told George the plan with their shoe looking language. “Hmm that sounds like a good idea but I don’t think it’ll work.’’ George said in a sad voice. As George walked out of the store going towards Thomas, he was nervous and anxious about the idea until he got to Thomas.

“There you are,’’ Thomas said, “I see you have seen the note?’’ Thomas asked, as George gave the box and the note. “Well done,’’ Thomas said in a cheerful tone, “ Looks like somebody finally knows they can’t beat me.’’ 

George walked away as Thomas put on the golden shoes that were inside the box and then started to tap dance or just dance around. 

George turned around “Ha! It worked!’’ George exclaimed as Thomas danced away and George lived happily ever after.


Task decription: This is my writing about two shoe makers that we had to do a conversation about and we had watched 2 videos. One of the videos were about learning how to use speech marks and when and where it could be said in a story and the 2nd video was the video about the two shoe makers that weren’t talking so we could use creative ideas and think of what they were thinking at least to make up our conversations. We couldn’t do a conversation that wasn’t themed with this story but we had to do a story that was related to the theme that the 2nd video had.