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Independant and dependant clauses – Syntax

Today me and some of my literacy class learnt about Independent and dependent clauses.

We had learnt that clause’s would need to have a subject and a predicate to make an Independent sentence.

but if it were a dependent clause it can not stand on their own, a dependant clause is an incomplete thought, which would be leaving the reader wondering what the rest of the sentence could be.


Generic Explanation

What makes a great gamer? 


Have you ever wondered what makes a great gamer? Have you ever thought about what gamer’s do to achieve that rank? If you would like to learn the technique skills gamer’s have or how they play then today is your lucky day because I’m going to be explaining most of what they have as experienced gamer’s.


Great gamer’s have technique by practising courses to level up, they don’t give up so easily on things. The time gamer’s take to practise all these skills from other people or from instructions in the game takes a long or short time to learn. Practice is one of the main reasons great gamer’s get their technique from. They may learn those techniques in reality as well which would be a good thing as well.


VR stands for virtual reality. It means that the world you see now is sometimes seen as in the game. So when gamer’s have VR sets they sometimes use it in games that allow VRs, and their avatars would be just seen as hands and heads. VR players are large in some games and then sometimes small in others, really just depending on what you play.


Great gamer’s communicate with those who don’t know how to play in the game, or those who break rules in games. Great gamer’s would warn the people who break rules in those games because they would be reported or banned from the game for a couple of week’s or months. Other toxic or inappropriate actions of those who choose not to listen would face their consequences.


Practising is the key to having all these techniques and skills, communication will help others make friends online and will help them socialize with others. Communicate with those who are good in heart and personality. They will lead others through the right direction in games and so on. Virtual Reality is a place where it all looks real. You can hold things,go places and so much more.