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Task Description:

For our Maths lesson today, we had to do these coordinate conundrums. On the second slide, we had to do a treasure map. For the second slide, we had to find the coordinates on the map,  and name what it was. On the third slide we had to do coordinates around Pt England. For the last slide, we had to do coordinate concoctions, which was basically more questions about where the letters were located on the graph.

Pascal’s Triangle

We noticed that on the outside of this triangle there are ones and they matched, then we noticed that across  we had to add that and put it on to the side. We noticed that the answers just doubled. Like 1+1= 2 and 2+2= 4, And then we had to cross out the odd numbers from the triangle. There were more even numbers than there were odd numbers, and we had to fill in the blanks, it’s kind of like finding the sequence in each one.