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The Enchanted forest

Enchanted Forest

Task Description:

For this task, we had to write a story about us being in an enchanted forest, we had to write about our adventures in the enchanted forest, we had to create a problem then solve it but we also had to include a lot of dialogue, I decided that I wanted to make mine long though I didn’t have too. I actually quite enjoyed doing this task because it got me to imagine or to think about what I did or what I could do in my story.

Respond to Text – The 20 minute City

Task Description:

For this reading task, we had to read a story and a few articles about a 15 – 20 minute city, and answer these few questions, for our create task we had to do a video and a presentation about the 15 – 20 minute city. My highlight for this task was doing this with my partner Swaimah and going through all these together and that we only did one take for the video to be completed. My low light for this task was having to go back and fourth from articles and stories to find out what to write on our presentation for the 20 minute city. I took a lot on board from both the reading and writing tasks that we had this week. I hope we get to do more like this in the future to come. I hope you enjoy going through these few slides and watching our presentation.

The fifteen to twenty minute city

The benefits of a 15 – 20 minute city

15 – 20 minute cities are the types of cities to have facilities or areas you need to reach or access within 20 minutes or less. Other cities around the world are slowly implementing this as it makes our lives much easier. This would also help advertise physical activities such as walking, running, cycling and more, with these types of cities there comes both benefits and limitations. 

Information #1 Reduce the use of car dependency 

Having 15 – 20 minute cities helps reduce the use of cars. This means it saves using money and time commuting to the area needed within a short distance. There wouldn’t be as much traffic as it is in normal types of cities, and the neighbourhoods are closer together meaning there would be less need for the use of cars. Reducing the use of cars means there would be less noise pollution, an harmful or annoying level of noise that disrupts anyone living nearby. 

Information #2 Greater Accessibility 

Another benefit of having a 20 minute city, is that people have more of a greater advantage of accessibility into areas needed. This means that shops for everyday essentials are close to home and so is health,education,parks, playgrounds and more. For example, if someone didn’t have any food at home to make and eat the grocery store is not that far away from home to get too.  All these convenient areas  should be accessible to people without the need of a car. 

Information #3

A last benefit of a 20 minute city is better health and well being. How does having a 20 minute city help out with our health and well being? It helps by giving more opportunities for walking and cycling, providing more active and physical activities. For example, cycling,running,walking or any type of physical activity out in the sun can provide various things, such as, vitamin D, endorphins, and losing weight. This can bring people’s health benefits along with the improvements in the quality of life as it is also more time and more opportunities to socially interact with others. 


In conclusion, 15 – 20 minute cities have a huge impact on people who live in different cities without convenient facilities. People become more active and traffic is reduced since everything is bundled up together there wouldn’t be as much use for cars as there is today. People see more neighbourhoods and that can strengthen the community by socially interacting with one another. These cities also give accessibility to the areas needed to commute within a couple of minutes. 

Task Description:

For this writing task, we had to read a story about what a fifteen to twenty minute city was, we had to note down important information that we could add into our writing. For this I was glad I got to learn something new as well as write about. My highlight for this task was getting to do another explanation type of piece writing and my low light was having to read a lot of articles to get all this information. What I took from this was that the more I read the more knowledge I get from it. I hope you enjoy reading this.

Thank you Ma’am: Response to text

Task Description:

Today for literacy, we had to finish off our reading tasks for this week. And for this first slide we had to kind of think about what the woman in the photo’s personality was, By the expression on her face I found it kind of hard to find her emotions. But I think I found some type of information about her personality, On the second slide for the second question I had to answer “What is Roger’s internal conflict?” This question was asked based of the scene of what was going on in the story, I thought it was because he didn’t know whether to run out the door or to listen to what Mrs. Jones said to do. For the rest of the slides I had to answer about the boys personality and his background, what I thought the main message of the story was and a video of me and my partner discussing why I thought that was the main message of the author and you should click on the video to find out more. (On the last slide)

Barriers to education

Task Description:

For this reading task, I had to read a text about things that block young students from education. I found some interesting information while reading the text, I knew about a few from the text but having to know that there was about more than eight barriers to education was quite surprising. After I had finished reading the text I had to answer these few questions on these slides. Some of these questions were directly to me about why I thought this or why I thought that, and the last slide was basically asking which of the barriers to education I thought was the most saddening to hear about or which was unfair and then I had to explain it. The last question on the last slide was for me to imagine I was a principal of a school, and what I would do to ensure that my school is a place where both genders can attend knowing that they care safe and cared for. I had to really think about this question like all the questions and go into depth about it. One thing I liked about this task was the text because it told me many things I really didn’t know about. Which was really surprising to know. The WALT for this task was to analyse authors values,attitudes and beliefs, and to find,select and use a range of texts suited to the learning purpose.

Skiing in Afghanistan 2

Task Description:

For last weeks literacy session, we had to do another slide about the story we read. If you want to know what story, it’s the front of this cover on the slides in front of you right now. Anyways, we had to answer more difficult type questions about the text, we had to dig deep into the story because we had to answer what we thought the Author’s message was. I’m pretty sure this whole slide was questions about the author and their experiences there. My highlight for this task was that I got to imagine the things that were happening in Afghanistan while reading the text, and how the author managed to go to Afghanistan despite the dangers. The WALT for this task was to Analyse authors values, attitudes and beliefs.

Skiing in Afghanistan

Task Description:

During literacy last week, we had to read and complete this task. The name of the story we read was “Skiing in Afghanistan” By Neil Silverwood. We had to answer some comprehension questions after we had read the text, this whole presentation was just asking us about the text overall, but we really had to dig deep about the information that was being giving from the text to answer these questions. The highlight I found from this task was that I learnt things about my friends country, which I never knew about, and the low light for this task was having to read a very long text. Though I’ve read longer so this text didn’t really bother me, our WALT for this task was analyse the authors values, attitudes and beliefs.

Which would You? – Dawn Raid part 4

Task Description:

I did this task with Zaria and Mary, and for this task we had to pick which one we would have gone to or done, and why. We had to finish this task within I think 10 minutes and I managed to finish this task and post it on my blog. We had no disagreements in the end of this task. I hope you enjoy looking through our answers.

Dawn Raid 4

Task Description

For this task, we had to read from Sunday the 22nd of August to Wednesday the 13th of October. If you do not understand what I mean, these are diary entries from a girl names Sofia who told everything about her day and how it went. For the second slide I had ti answer some comprehension questions about the story after I had finished reading it. Some were about me and some were about the story. One of the questions were asking about the meaning of one of the words that were in the story. And for the fourth slide I had to compare Charlotte and Sofia to what they had in common and what their different were to each other, I once again had skimmed and scanned through the story, trying to get more information about the two because I didn’t really have a lot in mind. And for the last final slides I had to choose 2 things that I had to create.  I chose to do a map of where Sofia and her family went, and a video about my opinions went Charlotte told Sofia about her family. Our success Criteria for this was to explain a point of view of a character, justify why I think this and to keep up with my group and If I fall behind I catch up. Our WALT for this task was to monitor ourselves to finish a novel, compare and Contrast,make Inference and make connections.