Creating Editing Images

Task Description:

For the last session of the day, we had to choose one of a few things to do before the day ends. There was arts and crafts, F.I.O.P and cyber smart, most of the class chose to do cyber smart while some others chose to do the other choices. I chose to do this and F.I.O.P, I found this task kind of easy to do, since there were videos to sort of help me out. My high light, for this task was that it was short and quick, I had no low light for this task. I chose the raccoon because it was the first thing I thought of.

2 thoughts on “Creating Editing Images

  1. Hey Vika, Swaimah Here! I love how you made your name at the end, It gave a zebra vibe. I couldn’t really see the name properly but it looked fantastic. I loved the animal that you picked.


  2. Hi Vika, It’s me Kasaline I love the photo of the raccoon that you did for your cybersmart challenge and I also really loved your name at the end and how it had a really nice like water theme to it. Keep it up.

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