Albania Physical Poster

Task Description:

For today’s literacy, we had the whole block to finish our posters about our countries. I really didn’t expect to finish today because I was doing this on my own and I didn’t even start the poster, but I had a little faith that I was going to finish it today. This poster had to be about our countries and all the things we planned out for this. We could choose if we wanted to do a physical poster or a digital and for me it was kind of too late to do digital so I ended up doing a physical poster and I think I did pretty good for one person physical poster.

2 thoughts on “Albania Physical Poster

  1. Hi Vika! It’s me Perseus

    This poster about Albania is great! There is so much about this country that I didn’t know about. The Food looks delicious! I would to try it one day. keep up the good work Vika!

  2. Hey Vika, Swaimah here! It is wonderful to see that you worked hard and gave it your absolute best for this task. Your ability to search Albania is impressive! Some facts on your paper are so relieving. Mostly the one when you nod your head yes it means no and when you nod your head no it means yes. Your writing is so nice and clear too! You can see every word on the piece of paper. I love how you added pictures and then you wrote the information beneath it. My favourite part of the poster is the handwriting and the instrument. The instrument looks so cool. I’d like to know how to play it. I think next time try adding more information about the country you’re going to research about. You could probably add some traditional events and more about the cities in Albania.

    Thanks Swaimah

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