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Vocab Swap

Vika Vocabulary Swap

Task Description:

For this task, I had to swap 10 adjectives or verbs with a friend and write a story about it, I really didn’t know what to write with the 10 adjectives or verbs that was given to me but I finally figured it out and wrote a long story. If you want to find out what I wrote about you can click on this link above this description!

DLO – Animation

Task Description:

For this term, we had to complete this DLO, (Digital Learning Online) and for this we had to draw on slides and try and animate a day of a child who has a balanced and healthy lifestyle. And some possible factors that could be included was, eating well, sleeping well, exercising, meditating, positive attitude and self talk. The animation had to include a voice over to add greater detail and information for the audience, the animation should have also included music to engage the audience.

Writing Task – Now or Never

Vika – Writing

Task Description:

For this Writing task, I had to choose two writing activities to do. I decided that I wanted to do this Writing Task. Which was about painting an image in the readers head. I tried my best to think about what I could write for the beginning of the story or if I wanted to make this story a horror or a normal story. I finally decided what I wanted to do with this picture and started writing. If you want to find out what I wrote about this picture you should click the link.

Thank you Ma’am: Response to text

Task Description:

Today for literacy, we had to finish off our reading tasks for this week. And for this first slide we had to kind of think about what the woman in the photo’s personality was, By the expression on her face I found it kind of hard to find her emotions. But I think I found some type of information about her personality, On the second slide for the second question I had to answer “What is Roger’s internal conflict?” This question was asked based of the scene of what was going on in the story, I thought it was because he didn’t know whether to run out the door or to listen to what Mrs. Jones said to do. For the rest of the slides I had to answer about the boys personality and his background, what I thought the main message of the story was and a video of me and my partner discussing why I thought that was the main message of the author and you should click on the video to find out more. (On the last slide)

Thank you ma’am – Word Associations Activity

Task Description:

For this task, I had to match words from this Word Bank and put reasons as to why I think that word had belong to the other word. I did the easier ones first because I thought if I started with the easier ones that the harder ones won’t be hard to find. For example, Barren and Frail both sounded that they belong to both Dessert and Elderly.

Algebra Operations

Task Description:

For today’s Maths task, we had to do this new task which was all about what operations we use for the equations given to us. For the first slide I think I had overthought it but I managed to kind of work my way through this by adding the cubed colored bags together and then I got my answer in this way, for the second slide it was the same but there two different questions and they were “Do any of the collections have the same total?” And my answer for that was yes, because if you go back to the first slide you will see that most of the collections held most of the same answers. And the second question asked “Why does this happen?” I didn’t really know what to say but I just said that I think the difference was in the numbers depending on how high or small it was to get to the same answer from different equations but still adding with different numbers. And for both the fourth and fifth slide it was to understand the orders of the operation, what I found hard about these two was that it did take a while to try and solve but I know that I have to start with the multiplication in these equations so I think from there it sort of helped me out. Overall I did do my best and I think that I could improve in this a lot if I do more.

Word Problems

Task Description:

For this task, I had to do these words problems, and in them contained both words and numbers for me I don’t really do good in word problems because sometimes I misread or don’t understand what or where the equation is in it, and since today was the day to get this, I can say I did need a little bit of help. Me and my friend did this together and we solved each question on our own, and if one of us needed help, we would both work on the slide together. My highlight for this task was giving the word problems a go and trying to solve it out, the low light for this was that some of these word problems were confusing to understand but I managed to understand in the end.


Think before you share – Cybersmart Challenge

Task Description:

For this task, I had to do this cyber smart challenge, The highlight for this task, is learning what to post and what not to post. These are things I think should be posted and shouldn’t be posted, I didn’t really have a low light for this task because it was really easy to do. I don’t think I had to work on anything for this task since it was really nice,easy,simple and quick.

Expressions 3

Task Description:

For this task, I had to go through these questions and answer each one, I found this kind of confusing for the way it looked, but I had some help from friends in my group. I managed to finish this task, my highlight for this task was getting better each time I do these types of equations and my low light was I guess trying to take a photo of my maths book to show my working out. What I think I could work on is trying to solve these equations in my head instead of on the book this way it is quicker and more efficient for me to do my work.