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This is my literacy to do task for this week!

I’ve finished it today and we had to learn about this story called “Last Match”  We had to write a word that was either an adjective,verb or noun and put its orginal sentence in one of the boxes and find synonyms that mean the same thing but just is a different word.

Picture Story for homework

Story for homework, (Describing whats in the picture with 6 sentences)


As I walked down a sidewalk, I could see an elderly man sitting on a bench all by himself. As the snow fell I could see a bright red rose in his hands. He seems sad by the look on his fac, it was cold and misty I couldn’t bother to let him sit all by himself. I went to the elderly man and sat next to him. I didn’t know what to say. Staring ay the rose, he asked, “Have you ever lost a loved one?” I sat in silence for a bit then saying “Yeah..” as I thought about it the poor guy must have lost someone today. As he looked up in the sky he said, “My name is Chris” I replied with “and my name is Hannah,”  “Pretty name you’ve got,” Chris had said,” Haha thanks” I replied, “tonight looked beautiful don’t you think?” Chris had smiled and said “Thank you Hannah, you’ve really made me happy” As I turn to look over and see Chris was fading away. “Wait!” I exclaimed, “why are you dissapearing!?” As I tried to grab his arm he became transparent I sit in slicence looking to the sky and close my eyes sitting under the post lamps as the sun started to rise. as his soul flew into thee after life, he can finally be with his loved ones.

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Speech mark activites

This is my literacy task for the week that we had to learn and finish. We watched a video about the punctuation and where to find speech marks in a story. This was a task for my literacy class to do together so we could try finish it early. We had to be the teacher for the last 2 and correct any spelling or punctuation mistakes.

Algebra Rules 1

Task Description: This is my maths task for the week, This week we had to learn Algebra or at least get used to how to work it out.

Word Search – Responsibility

This is apart of my homework for this week!

The theme for this word search is Responsibility and the word itself is in there

as well! Let me list down the words for you so you can probably start searching!

  • Authority
  • Burden
  • Duty
  • Guilt
  • Importance
  • Obligation
  • Power
  • Responsibility