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Fractions Word Problems

Task Description: For today’s maths task, I worked with Swaimah and Lynette on these slides, and as we completed the slides, we found each of these questions a bit tricky to find the answer to. In the end we managed to complete this task together and post it on our blogs, I hope you check out their blogs too!

Pi-thons recap of fractions and decimals

Task Description:

For today’s task we had a recap task on fractions and decimals before we move up a level on maths. As I was going through this task I focused on the questions and answered them. I tried my best and tried to get this done efficiently, this task wasn’t to hard for me, I hope you enjoy going through these few slides!

BMF 4 – 4 Infinity

Task Description:

Today I decided to do another groups maths task since I felt like it! So this is like the other one except it had different questions! Overall this was very easy to do, and I am looking forward to do this again sometime soon! This is BMF 4 (Building Maths Fitness) Getting our brains warmed up for the maths activities we have ahead. I hope you enjoy!