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Volume and 3D Shapes

Task Description:

For this task, we had to solve the answers to these following questions. Our WALT (We Are Learning To) for this task was to Identify shapes based on their properties. Our Success criteria to know we have successfully learned how to do this task was that I can identify shapes based on their sides, vertices and interior angles. I tried my best on these questions, and some were kind of tricky, though I managed to solve it in the end, I think the one that took the longest was the word problems. 

Versatile Volume P1

Task Description: Today’s maths task was based on volume which was another sort of recap because we did this last year. This was a bit challenging for me because I had to try and kind of remember how to do this. I did this task with Lynette and Swaimah and we managed to do this and finish this efficiently. My highlight for this was I got to do it with my friends and I got to get this done in one session. Our WALT for this was to choose the appropriate form of measurement and our success crtitera (A way of knowing that we’ve successfully accomplished that) is “I know how to measure length, volume and mass.” I hope you are satisfied with my answers to the following questions. 

How to solve the volume of a triangular prism

This is my maths poster for the week and we had to learn about different types of shapes like this triangular prism. We had to learn how to solve the volume of different types of shapes. I hopes this helps you understand how to solve the volume of a triangular prism.