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Think before you share – Cybersmart Challenge

Task Description:

For this task, I had to do this cyber smart challenge, The highlight for this task, is learning what to post and what not to post. These are things I think should be posted and shouldn’t be posted, I didn’t really have a low light for this task because it was really easy to do. I don’t think I had to work on anything for this task since it was really nice,easy,simple and quick.

Working Collabortively in a Doc

Swaimah & Vika – Working Collabortively in a Doc

Task Description:

For the last session of the day, we had cyber-smart. For this task, we had to buddy up with someone to do it. I had Swaimah for my partner, and we worked on this task together. For this task we had to share the google doc, and play a few games of tic tac toe. After that we then had to write a story word for word with each other. My favourite part of this task was having to write a story with one word from each other. I hope to do a task like this again.

How to embed different types of Digital Learning Objects (DLO’s)

Embedding learning into our Blogs

By Vika

There are lots of different types of digital learning objects we embed into our blogs on a daily basis.

My favourite thing to share on my blog is Google Drawings.

Google Docs

The easiest learning to share is my writing in Google Docs, simply just Copy and Paste it from the Google Doc onto your blog. However, don’t forget to use CTRL + SHIFT + V so that it gets rid of the formatting. You can always change the formatting on your blog.

Take a look at the other ways below

Shrek’s About Me

Hello there, My name is Shrek,I live alone in my swamp but I am from a kingdom from far far away. This is my blog and I do normal things as some ogres would everyday. I am an ogre that has ears that stick up and I have green skin. I am strong like a bull that cannot be tamed when bad people show up. I am brave and intelligent  when I have to be, I can be tricky sometimes and I am strong, I like it when it is  quiet when I am alone in my swamp. I have a horrible roar that can scare humans who trespass my property that I don’t know of.My favourite things are the layers of onions, Other foods that I like are slugs and fish, I love an eyeball sandwich.I love to walk around when its nice and quiet that way I can get time by myself.

Task description: 

For this task we had to write an About me piece of writing for Shrek. We focused on promoting Shrek in a positive way.

Stick man walking animation

This is my Cyber smart learning from Monday, the start of the week.

I enjoyed making this animation it was very creative and we were also learning

how to make a stick man walking animation. It was very challenging to do but I

managed to do it.  🙂

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