Tag: Week 5

Skiing in Afghanistan

Task Description:

During literacy last week, we had to read and complete this task. The name of the story we read was “Skiing in Afghanistan” By Neil Silverwood. We had to answer some comprehension questions after we had read the text, this whole presentation was just asking us about the text overall, but we really had to dig deep about the information that was being giving from the text to answer these questions. The highlight I found from this task was that I learnt things about my friends country, which I never knew about, and the low light for this task was having to read a very long text. Though I’ve read longer so this text didn’t really bother me, our WALT for this task was analyse the authors values, attitudes and beliefs.

Experiment Day 2

Task Description: Today for our first science project, we had to do a base vs acid. We saw in two different cups what baking soda would look like in water, and what baking powder would look like in another cup, Mrs Stone then added the base together with the acid and the baking powder didn’t go down and didn’t look the same as the other cup. I found this science project very fun to do with my team! I hope to do more like this in the future!

Experiment Day 1

Task Description: For this mornings task, our science session, we had done some experiments and  we had to answer the following questions about both physical and chemical changes. I found this quite exciting to do though it did need a lot of responsibility, we did the first science lesson which was based on cornstarch and a 1/2 cup of water, we didn’t know what was happening but as we did the procedure, we started finding both of these things hard to stir. We had to put a hand/finger into the bowl including both the water and cornstarch. It was both liquid and solid together, I found this very gross to touch at first and then I got very playful with it. When I pulled my fingers out of the bowl, I could see the cornstarch starting to dry up on my finger, I found it so weird and sticky. After we played with the cornstarch we had to wash our hands outside, I thought we had to really wash our hands thoroughly but then the cornstarch just slowly disappeared unless that was just my hands. In the end we managed to complete one of the two science projects. I hope you enjoy!

Chemical Or Physical Change?

Task Description:

Today for the last session of the day, we had to do our last inquiry task before we start getting into physical hands on science experiments. We had to match the chemical and physical reactions to each other. I thought about each one when I was doing this. I think I got most of them right! I hope you enjoy looking through these (maybe last)inquiry slides.