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Ratio Practice

Task Description: For this week, we had to do this maths task that our home room teacher had given us. I found this a bit tricky to do because I think the word problems really got to me on how difficult each one was. Our WALT (We are learning to) for this week is to divide a given number into 2 parts given a part:part or part:whole ratio. We hadn’t done ratio in a long time, so I guess most of our class didn’t really understand how ratio works. I tried my best on trying to get the answers right, I hope you enjoy!

Creating the Treaty

Today for inquiry/mitey we had to answer these four questions which was based on two videos that had the answers in them. We had to write in full sentence to explain why or how that answer to the question came to be. Other than that this task was easy to do for me and I learnt some other new things from these two videos.



Task description:For today’s maths we had to get into mixed groups, while we were in mixed groups we had to do a science experiment for sugar dissolving in water. We were and still are learning how to make accurate measurements using a variety of measuring equipment. We had also learnt some new vocabulary and these words were solute, meaning the substance (sugar) being dissolved in the water, the next word was solvent which meant dissolving (water) solvent was the water that dissolved the sugar. And the last one was the solution which meant a mixture of 2 or more substances. In the end we learnt and enjoyed the science experiment.

The Black Cat

The Black Cat 

It was a thunderous night, while I was in a rush to work. I suddenly slipped on the concrete and hit my head. It started to bleed out and suddenly I was unconscious on the ground with no one around. By the time I woke up I was in the same position on the concrete but this time I didn’t know where I was. It looked like I was in this alley with this black cat just wandering around. He had no collar, no owner, no nothing. He must have been a stray cat. I didn’t care much about that, what I cared about more was where I was and what time it was. I was about to check my watch but then I realised it wasn’t there. “This is strange,” I got up off the ground and started to walk out of the alley. I got anxious because I got negative vibes around here.