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Expressions 3

Task Description:

For this task, I had to go through these questions and answer each one, I found this kind of confusing for the way it looked, but I had some help from friends in my group. I managed to finish this task, my highlight for this task was getting better each time I do these types of equations and my low light was I guess trying to take a photo of my maths book to show my working out. What I think I could work on is trying to solve these equations in my head instead of on the book this way it is quicker and more efficient for me to do my work.

My City – Auckland – Cyber-Smart – Google Maps

Task Description:

Today for cyber-smart, I did a google map about landmarks in my city, Auckland. I have done ten landmarks, as to where you could go in Auckland if you ever visit. Have you ever been to one of these places? My highlight of this task was finding my favourite places I go to, and my low light was trying to find if it was the right place,and images that are close to what kind of place it is. If you haven’t come to Auckland or if you plan on coming to Auckland, these are definitely places you should go to. This is coming from a person who’s been to all these places, hope you enjoy!

Going to KPMG

On Wednesday the 27th of July, exstention and chosen ones got to go on a trip to KPMG a building in Viaduct,Auckland. We were so excited and happy we got to go and we got introduced to the people that volunteered to stop their working at KPMG to show us what they do and what other people at KPMG’s work is. They told us that they worked with many bussiness places and that KPMG were just random words put together. We got to eat morning tea and lunch there, it was delicous,and we were happy that we got to eat the wonderful food made by the cook there. At the end we got to play with playh dough and got to animate it moving by taking photo by photo when it was 1:30 we had to leave the KPMG building saying goodbye to the lovely people that we met there, and they were nice and fun to meet, I’m glad I had this experience, it was wonderful and we got to keep the play dough and photos that we got there.


Thank you for reading this I hoped you enjoyed this because I sure did!