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The mother and daughter on the wonder ship

“Sleep well darling, as we will all be here when you wake up,” I told my daughter as the Titanic sank underwater. As the ocean pulled the Titanic down, teardrops fell I never thought about my death till now. I thought my child would live longer…till today took place in the calendar of the unexpected. As the ship sank creaking, screaming, and yelling were all I could hear, my child was asleep and I could start to feel the cold freezing water. “I’m sorry you had to die this way,” whispering to my daughter as we drowned with the Titanic.

Meeting Measurement

Task decription: This is my maths task for this week to get us started in the term, We had to measure things and take photos and videos to show our measurements in different things. It started of with decimals than it went on to puting the words with the objects, and the last 2 were showing us how to use a ruler and to take the 3 photos or a short video with an explanation of how much centimeters and what we were measuring.