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The owl who couldn’t hunt

Long ago in the forest of animals, there stood a clumsy owl. The owl was very terrible at hunting for mice, every day the owl had slept and every night the owl had tried to hunt for food. But every time the owl tried to hunt they hit tree by tree, getting hungrier and hungrier, then one night when the owl was about to hunt the bright full moon had shone over the bright yellow eyes of the owl and had reflected making the owl see all types of creatures in the forest. The owl was shocked and flew through the thick trees finding the mice camouflaging with the dark. The owl was as quiet as a mouse and had landed on a tree looking down at the mice waiting for the perfect time to grab them. Counting down, the owl got its wings ready to grab the mice just below, then SWOOSH the owl grappled onto the mice making it hard for the mice to try and wriggle out. Bringing it back home for dinner, ripping out its insides and devouring it bit by bit. 


The End.



Today and yesterday for maths we had to compare 2 variables, our student teacher gave us one variable which was hours of sleep and we had to compare that to another variable of our choice. My group had chosen height since it’s only between our selves and the people in our group which is much easier to analyse and collect data from. There were other choices for the other variable and the options were: Gender and age, are for people that want to collect data and analyse the whole class. Height and well being plus others, for those who just wanted easier ones to do themselves.


We learnt about PPDAC on Monday, which we didn’t know about and we found out what each stood for, P stands for problem, the other P stands for Plan, D stands for Data, A stands for Analyse and C stands for conclusion.