Tag: Week 6

Amazing Algebra

Task Description:

For this task, I had to answer some questions about patterns in numbers and Identify the rule of it. I then had to say what I thought the 50th number was in properly every slide here. On the last slide I then had to multiply two and three digit numbers and do some division. My highlight for this task was I guess getting my brain thinking about the questions and my low light was having to think really hard for the answers, I think something I might work on is trying to find what the 50th number is, I found that quite tricky to do.

Barriers to education

Task Description:

For this reading task, I had to read a text about things that block young students from education. I found some interesting information while reading the text, I knew about a few from the text but having to know that there was about more than eight barriers to education was quite surprising. After I had finished reading the text I had to answer these few questions on these slides. Some of these questions were directly to me about why I thought this or why I thought that, and the last slide was basically asking which of the barriers to education I thought was the most saddening to hear about or which was unfair and then I had to explain it. The last question on the last slide was for me to imagine I was a principal of a school, and what I would do to ensure that my school is a place where both genders can attend knowing that they care safe and cared for. I had to really think about this question like all the questions and go into depth about it. One thing I liked about this task was the text because it told me many things I really didn’t know about. Which was really surprising to know. The WALT for this task was to analyse authors values,attitudes and beliefs, and to find,select and use a range of texts suited to the learning purpose.

Introduction to Algebra!

Task Description:

For today’s Math session, we have a new task to do. And for this task we had to learn about Algerbra. I thought this task was going to be hard but I managed to learn how to do it, and it was easier than I thought. I worked along with Swaimah so we could figure out the answers together.