How to solve the volume of a triangular prism

This is my maths poster for the week and we had to learn about different types of shapes like this triangular prism. We had to learn how to solve the volume of different types of shapes. I hopes this helps you understand how to solve the volume of a triangular prism.


This is my literacy to do task for this week!

I’ve finished it today and we had to learn about this story called “Last Match”  We had to write a word that was either an adjective,verb or noun and put its orginal sentence in one of the boxes and find synonyms that mean the same thing but just is a different word.

Home learning,Term 3 2022, Literacy

The hero of Numbani – Novel by Nicky Drayden


(What I’ve read so far)

Efi had been making robots since she was little, she would always get embarassed when it would fail infront of her fails again and again. She never gave up because she thought if she was succesful in one, it would have made the world a different place. And as hope fades away for her, her best friend Naade tries to help her by finding videos on how to build robots and inructions on how to make it walk and talk.


(My predictions)

I predict that Efi is succesful in engineers a robot. And it is succesful in helping Numbani and destroy’s all evil that happens furher more in the story. With her bestfriends helping her defeat them along with the bot who hopefully does destroy the evil people/bots in the story.



This is my maths task for the week, we had to learn how find the diameter,circumference and area of a circle and a few of the slides show us how we could find it, this made it a lot easier for me to find and then I got some to try out myself.

I hope you enjoyed this slideshow!