Forearm investigation

My class and I had to measure our forearm’s with a ruler.

Once we had finished measuring our forearms’s we collected the data of

each and every person in our class, and we started to analyse them by the mean (Average)

the mode (most common number) the median (number in the middle) and last but not least the range

(highest number – lowest number)

This was fun to do but also a bit challenging, I hope you enjoyed flashing through these slides!

Independant and dependant clauses – Syntax

Today me and some of my literacy class learnt about Independent and dependent clauses.

We had learnt that clause’s would need to have a subject and a predicate to make an Independent sentence.

but if it were a dependent clause it can not stand on their own, a dependant clause is an incomplete thought, which would be leaving the reader wondering what the rest of the sentence could be.