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Thunder-Phobia Questions

Questions about Thunder Phobia

  • What is a phobia? Answer = It is what your really scared of

  • How do people forecast the weather? Answer = They probably get the weather from the satellites up in space and then transport data to people on Earth. 

  • Why wouldn’t Zac have known that Mrs Scott had a dog? Answer = he probably only knew her as his neighbour and not into much detail.

  • Why did Bosun run to Zac and lick his hand before the storm? Answer = The dog is showing its love to Zac probably because the dog doesn’t go out much.

  • How do thunderstorms develop? Answer = When warm moist air rises into cold air,

  • Why did Bosun have a tennis ball in his mouth at the park? Answer = So he could play with Zac or his owner, Mrs Scott.

  • Why didn’t Zac tell anyone about his fear? Answer = He must have thought that if he ever told anyone about his fear that he would get bullied for it or even mocked. 

  • Why did Pete enjoy watching lightning crackle in the sky? Answer = He probably liked how it looked in the sky and how cool it was when it flashed, also with the way it sounded.

  • Why do storms affect landline phones but not mobile phone connections? Answer = Probably because lightning directly hits things that work on ground while mobile phone connections are hanging above ground which has not so much of a higher chance of getting struck by lightning. 

  • Why did Bosun need to be exercised regularly? Answer = To stretch his muscles and to be healthy. 

How would a special shirt help a dog overcome its fear? Answer = it probably keeps them warm with their fur like us humans hugging them.