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Ratio Reconcilliation

Task Description: For maths this week, our teacher had given us this task about reconciling with ratio. Our WALT for this task, was to solve problems involving ratio. Our success Criteria  was to identify the relationship between numbers. My highlight from this is that I got to have sort of a recap on vocabulary on what a factor was or what squared root means. My low light I think was sort of trying to figure out the answers to the following questions. Each of these slides has a different title, for example there is relationships between numbers and ratio + proportion. I can admit that some of these questions were a bit tricky to do, though I did manage to properly finish this and post this on my blog for you to see.

I hope you find this satisfactory!

Ratio Practice

Task Description: For this week, we had to do this maths task that our home room teacher had given us. I found this a bit tricky to do because I think the word problems really got to me on how difficult each one was. Our WALT (We are learning to) for this week is to divide a given number into 2 parts given a part:part or part:whole ratio. We hadn’t done ratio in a long time, so I guess most of our class didn’t really understand how ratio works. I tried my best on trying to get the answers right, I hope you enjoy!