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Dead Line

Dead Line

As soon as my mother left the phone rang, I didn’t find it odd or anything but I guess the timing was strange. I got up off the couch to answer the phone but to my surprise the caller cut off. Now that was something strange, a few minutes later I heard a soft voice in the distance “Hey,” repetitively, I peeked out from the curtains just to find empty street lights. I feel my heart racing, I lock all the doors and turn off the lights as I head to my room.

Closing my door and getting ready for bed I hear knocking on the door, could this get any worse than now? “Kate! Let me in, it’s cold out here” I heard my mum say. As I got up from my bed to open the door, I heard a ringing sound from my phone. As I grabbed the phone to answer it my heart dropped to find that “Mum” was the title of the person who was calling me. How? Isn’t she outside? I answer the phone and speak quietly, “hey hun I’ll be home soon because they cancelled work today.”

“Mum don’t come home,” I whisper to her through the phone. “Why?” she asked, “someone at the door and says there you” I replied. She had gone quiet for a few minutes and then the power cut out. I stayed on my phone but I had no wifi or data, lucky I had charged it not long ago but it was only fifty percent. I better not waste any of this, I used my phone as a light through the night, staying up all night scared and alone in my bed. I wait, longing for my mother to arrive yet still no sign.

It’s now the next day, and no sleep, tired and in bed. Mum still isn’t home yet but the weird person is now gone, I’m now worried that mum hasn’t made it home yet. I look back outside and everything seems fine, I see cars going past, people walking down the street and kids playing with each other. I got changed and went outside, walking down the street observing each house I went past. Still no sign of mum, I feel tired but it seems normal. I see a white hat on the road. I picked it up looking left and right but then I ended up in the middle of a railway track and my life was flashing before my eyes. I woke up in bed, hearing someone humming in the kitchen, getting up and walking as quietly as I could. I saw my mum, how? Was this all a dream? Or was this a prediction for a day that could come? Was it today?


Task Description:

For today’s task we had to do a free choice activity for writing, the activity I chose was called finish it, I had to chose one of the story prompts and finish it with my own style of writing. I decided to go with a horror type because I guess that was the feeling I was getting with the prompt. The prompt was ” As soon as my mother left the phone rang” I hope you enjoy this story!

Facts about Animals/insects

This is my 5 facts task, I had a free choice of what to do 5 facts about, so I made it about weird facts based on animals or insects. One of the things I learnt from these facts was on average, women have a stronger sense of smell than men.

I hope you learn something from one or more of these facts.