Going to Tamaki College

Tamaki college 

Tamaki college is the one for me, though I didn’t choose, my parents did. Just to stay close to GI, I’m actually kinda nervous to go, even though I have two and half years left in Pt England School. I’m sad because I think in the future I’m not gonna see the people I’ve seen at school again, that is unless I’m lucky enough too. Sometimes I even think if I’d ever remember them by the time I’m in my twenties.  Hopefully my future self knows what to do, and hopefully I’m successful during school.

How to solve the volume of a triangular prism

This is my maths poster for the week and we had to learn about different types of shapes like this triangular prism. We had to learn how to solve the volume of different types of shapes. I hopes this helps you understand how to solve the volume of a triangular prism.


This is my literacy to do task for this week!

I’ve finished it today and we had to learn about this story called “Last Match”  We had to write a word that was either an adjective,verb or noun and put its orginal sentence in one of the boxes and find synonyms that mean the same thing but just is a different word.