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DLO – Science – Invisible Ink

Task Description: This term, we had to research some science experiments that we could use to put into our DLO’s (Digital Learning Online) I decided to do Invisible ink, because I thought it was a pretty simple and easy one to do. In the video it explains how invisible ink works and what ingredients you need to make it.

Fractions Word Problems

Task Description: For today’s maths task, I worked with Swaimah and Lynette on these slides, and as we completed the slides, we found each of these questions a bit tricky to find the answer to. In the end we managed to complete this task together and post it on our blogs, I hope you check out their blogs too!

The kingdom of Luna Island

Strong wind howled through the night as Lunaria looked for her family,after they had disappeared from the kingdom of Luna island. Lunaria had walked for days, until she had seen and caught a strange scent. The wind carried the scent through narrow parts of the forest, deeper and deeper Lunaria’s eyes began to glow as she began to see the light of the scent passing through the forest. She runs deeper into the forest looking for the scent, “Brothers where are you!” She called out in the far distance, “mama,papa” she stopped, as she heard a whisper. Her eyes widened “No…”

She saw her father on the ground with red liquid splattered like paint with spears on trees and on the ground. “No,no,no papa!” She exclaimed as she ran over to him. “Who did this to you, please don’t leave me papa” She cried as she held his hand. “Your brothers, your mother, they evacuated with the royal guards.” he said softly, “Promise me Lunaria, you won’t get hurt, they are coming for you…” Lunaria’s fathers hand slowly became motionless as his last breath. “I will avenge you papa,” Lunaria put his hand down, and walked away.

Little amounts of water started to drip on her face, and the soil of the Earth began to become soft, it started to become hard for Lunaria to see in the dark. She tripped on a root of a tree and fell down and she began to sink in the soil. She tried her best to scream but she lost her breath.She hit her body hard onto the ground, She woke up all of a sudden and saw her mother and brothers. “Mi Familia” Lunaria cried as she hugged her mother, “Oh mama why did you leave me?”. “I had no choice,” Her mother cried.

Fluency and Expression Reflection – Reading “Seventh Grade” By Gary Soto

Task Description: For this task we had to rate on how we think our audio on the book went. I listened through my recording and I think it went ok, I tried my best and this is how good I think I did. Our WALT for this task was to monitor ourselves to fully complete work and read with expression and fluency. My recording is just under this task and the task before this. 

Seventh Grade – Gary Soto 

First some questions

Answer the following questions about Seventh Grade.

Question Answer
What background information do you learn about Victor? He was a friend of Michael Torres, he liked a girl named Teresa. He tried to impress her by making her think that he knows french. He’s Mexican and he’s in 7th grade. 
When the boys scowl, the girls look at them. What might the girls be thinking? I think they would think it’s weird or strange, and that’s why they’re staring at Victor and Michael. 

(What I think they would say in their head) 

“Why does he look like that?”

What obstacles are getting in the way of Victor making Teresa “his girl”? Victor was trying hard to impress Teresa, and maybe I think he doesn’t know what to say when he sees her, because his mind goes blank. 
How does the tension increase now that Victor and Teresa are in the same class together? Victor likes Teresa so I think he would be nervous since he was sitting a few desks away from his crush. 
Why did the teacher turn his back and walk to the blackboard? Victor raised his hand, when the teacher said he could speak French, when he really couldn’t, which made the teacher realise that he was trying to impress a girl. 
The French teacher, Mr. Bueller, realises that Victor is faking his knowledge of French, yet he does not let on about it. What impression does Mr. Bueller’s action tell you about him as a person and as a teacher? I think I see him as an understandable character, where he knows that was him once. I think it also tells me he’s a caring teacher since he didn’t want to embarrass Victor in front of the class by saying “that’s not french,” or other things to make things worse for Victor. 


Create an audiobook version of the story. 

Task Description: This was a simple task given to my literacy class by Mr Wiseman, we had to answer the 6 questions about the story we were reading, it was called “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto. After we finished answering the following questions we had to create and audio book version of the story, we had to use an online voice recorder or any other type of recording tool and record ourselves reading “Seventh Grade” I found this a bit challenging because I hadn’t done something like this in ages. I managed to complete this in the end and post it on this blog of mine, I hope you find my answers to the story satisfactory and the audio version of the book great. Thank you! Hope you enjoy!

Ratio Practice

Task Description: For this week, we had to do this maths task that our home room teacher had given us. I found this a bit tricky to do because I think the word problems really got to me on how difficult each one was. Our WALT (We are learning to) for this week is to divide a given number into 2 parts given a part:part or part:whole ratio. We hadn’t done ratio in a long time, so I guess most of our class didn’t really understand how ratio works. I tried my best on trying to get the answers right, I hope you enjoy!

Literacy Tasks – From Previous Weeks

Lamb to the slaughter

Task Description: We had to read a story called “Lamb to the Slaughter” In this story the main thing that happened in the story was the husband had died because of the wife. But why? and how? Police officers investigate deep into this because this was their dearest friend. Detective Patrick, nobody knows why someone would do such thing, until later on in the story we find out why and who killed Patrick Maloney.  Our WALT for this task was to predict, interpret and analyse text, ‘reading between the lines’ to gain a deeper meaning. Our task was to answer the following questions and do a offense or incident report with us as the officers. On the last slide we had to draw/sketch the scene of where Patrick Maloney was found dead by Mrs Maloney AKA (Also Known As) Mary Maloney. Our success Criteria was to combine evidence from the text and my own knowledge to justify my thinking.



Fast Rust Task

What 3 ingredients are needed for rust to occur.

Iron  Water  Oxygen from the air 

Write a brief paragraph explaining the rusting process (why rusting occurs)

Rust occurs when metal is exposed to air or water for a very long time.When oxygen which is the air we breathe mixes with water the iron surface of the metal then starts to react with the oxygen mixed with the water, this forms Iron oxide. Iron oxide reacts with the water, which then forms hydrated Iron Oxide, the reddish brownish stuff we call rust. This process continues until all the iron is eaten up. 

How could you prevent something from rusting?

You can protect metal from rust by, covering with paint, coating oil or even plastic, this helps prevent rust from metal, but if the metal were in water for example the harbor bridge which is located in New Zealand is made out of steel and is in salt water, The first half of steel is not in water. Therefore it gets coated with paint at least three times. But the bottom of the harbor bridge which is the other half of the steel has to get coated more than three times because of how it is easier and faster for the rust to process.

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.

I’ve learnt that the harbor bridge needs to be coated more than three times, and the rest of the steel which is at the bottom, needs to be coated more than three times. I also learnt that when metal or steel is exposed to air or water it slowly starts to react in a way that then turns into something called Iron Oxide, this then reacts with water becoming hydrated Iron Oxide. Which is what we call rust. Another thing I learnt was that steel rusts faster and slower in different environments, and that some steel could possibly take years to rust and others in a matter of days. 

Write down any new words you found in Fast Rust or the article about rust. Make sure you learn what the word means and write down a definition you understand for each new word.

Word Definition
Corrosion A breaking down of materials due to a chemical action like rusting.
Alloy Something that makes the metal stronger and more unbreakable to corrosion.
Exposed When something is being seen by something/someone else.
Decays When something is dying slowly. 
Texture When something is slightly detailed and has a type of touch to it. 
Protection Something that has a shield that can protect itself. 
Unreactive Something that is not responsive. 
Coating Something that has a layer of paint or something.
Chemicals Something that can react to each other in a way or can have no response.
Stainless steel A steel that has no stain or mess on it

Task Description: For this task we had to explain how rust occurs and how you can prevent something from rust. We also had to write 3 sentences about something new we learnt about rust, and I learnt a lot about it in a story and an article we had to read. One of the things I learnt was that when metal or steel is exposed to air or water it slowly starts to react in a way that then turns into something called Iron Oxide, this then reacts with water becoming hydrated Iron Oxide, which is what we call rust. The last thing for this task that we had to do was find interesting words from this article and find our own definitions to show our understanding of the word. Our WALT for this was that we could gather & combine information across a range of texts to form new ideas. Our success criteria was to identify what information we used from a number of texts to form an idea.



Word Search

Task Description: This was my word find task, and for this we basically had to use the words in the fast rust task, and put them into here. We then had to give simple clues but I guess I forgot how word searches went and put the definitions instead by accident. Well I guess in this word search this will be found differently, as to you will have to investigate each clue and find which word it matches to back in the fast rust task. I wish you good luck and I hope you enjoy!

Pseudoscience Task

Walt: Find and link information across a range of texts

What was the author’s main message in pseudoscience

Pseudoscience is something that sounds scientific but isn’t based on solid evidence, Pseudoscience can often be found in advertising. For example, eating extra carrots doesn’t make your vision better, it does make your eyes better. Even though carrots have vitamin A, (Something that is healthy for your eyes) it doesn’t mean it makes your vision better to see at night. 

What are some of the differences between scientists and advertisers?

Scientists Advertisers
Has solid evidence  Doesn’t have solid evidence
Gathers data Shows facts

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading. 

From the text that I read and learnt that a pseudonym is a false name that people use instead of their real name. Another thing I learnt was that pseudoscience can sometimes be found advertising and it wasn’t based on solid evidence. And if you look closer you can see that you are only given part of a story and not the full thing. 

True or False

Statement True/False Slide/Page Number Evidence
A pseudonym is a false name True 3 For example,

a “pseudonym” is a false name that people use

instead of their real name.

Blackcurrants have vitamin D False 3 It only talks about vitamin c
Flavanols help people remember things False 4 But the

process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate

destroys the flavanols, so there is no

evidence that chocolate helps with memory at all. 

Scientists critique each other True 5 Scientists write so their work and ideas can be

critiqued by other scientists.

Carrots have vitamin A True 6 Carrots have vitamin

A in them,

Carrots help us see in the dark False 6 But eating extra carrots won’t

improve your night vision.


Task Description: For this task we had to read a story once again, this story was called the name of this task. Pseudoscience. We read thoroughly through the text while we slowly discovered what pseudoscience was, a pseudonym was a false name people use instead of their real ones. And sometimes between scientists and pseudoscience, the way the advertise is different, for example scientists will give complete full sentences on science based things. While on the other hand advertisers (people who do pseudoscience) will give you one short simple sentence and you would instantly believe it. Of course some others would like to read longer sentences while others read shorter ones but as I think of it, I think more people read shorter sentences rather than long ones to not waste time. For example “Eating chocolate improves your memory.” This was written by advertisers verses ““An ingredient of chocolate might contain something that can improve your memory but not one it’s been turned into chocolate.” Which one would you listen too? Some would prefer the long one while other prefer short. Our WALT was that we could gather & combine information across a range of texts to form new ideas. And our success criteria was to combine evidence from the text and my own knowledge to justify my thinking.


Boot Camp – Respond to text

Task Description: For this task we had to read a text about an uncle and his niece. They both go to boot camp and they both do loads of exercises there. They aren’t close because of some family problems that they are going through, his niece Liyah tries to get him to get closer with the family, she tries to resolve these family problems by trying to get Joey (the uncle) closer to his sister or the family. But something strange happens at the end of the story as they get ready to go to some kind of fancy restaurant. Three men dressed in black walk by uncle Joey and Liyah, Liyah notices this and tries to hurry uncle Joey so they could get away, she was worried those three men were involving uncle Joey in some kind of dark business. She was hoping so dearly that he didn’t see them, but he did while he was reversing the car to go out. The authors decided to leave hanging on the edge of our seats to what would happen in the end. Our WALT for that week was to discuss connections between texts and my own life experiences and justify my thinking using evidence from the text. Our success criteria was to share my thoughts with others in my group, ask follow up questions of other’s in my group. And to also use the text to help explain my thinking.  As for the task We had to answer the following questions and then find the evidence of how we got that answer. We then had to do a video of us recreating an argument one of us had. Our role-play had to be planned first and only include non-offensive language, we had to use pseudonyms (False names instead of our real names) for the role-play. We tried our best for the video I hope you enjoy! 

The Fight – Respond to text

Task Description: For this task we had to read a story called “The Fight” By Sarah Penwarden, this story was about a boy called Heath and his friend Calvin, Robby made fun of Calvin’s mum, because she was wearing Pj’s in the afternoon and she looked drunk. Robbie and Calvin had a fight during lunch time, and the principal came and sent Calvin to his office. Heath went to because he could calm down Calvin, We had to answer the following questions and make connections from the text to our own life experiences. Our WALT for  this task was discuss connections between texts and my own life experiences and  justify my thinking using evidence from the text. Our success criteria was to share my thoughts with others in my group, ask follow up questions of other’s in my group and use the text to help explain my thinking. 


Task Description: For this week, we had to complete our unfinished tasks from the previous weeks. And these are my literacy tasks from those previous weeks that I had to finish, I was absent for the discussion task around both the fight and boot camp. It wasn’t possible for me to do because we had to talk to others in the group and rate ourselves from a scale of 1-3 each question.

Cartoon Name Design

Task Description: Today for the last session of the day, we had to do our names, but we had to make it look funky or different. So this was mine! I found this really difficult but fun to do! Making these letters separately was very hard with the space I had to draw in. I tried and this was the best of what I could put my abilities too. I hope you enjoy my name and art in this!