The Treaty of Waitangi Explanation


The Treaty of Waitangi


Why is the Treaty of Waitangi so important to New Zealand? The Treaty of Waitangi was made so it could protect and help both British and Maori share the land without it being stolen or purchased, though, in the end, the crown gave some of the lands back just not to its original owners. 


Well, the Treaty of Waitangi was made to protect Maori culture along with its traditional knowledge. The Maori wanted their culture and knowledge to be recognized and respected. The Maori had forests and lands that were to not be taken from them because of the protection they got from the treaty, the crown also got the Maori’s protection back and the rights of the British subjects. 


For instance, the Treaty of Waitangi is still important to New Zealand ever since its signing. It is New Zealand’s history and is the telling of how New Zealand became how it is today. Today the treaty is widely accepted to be a lawful document that provides and guides the relationship between the crown in New Zealand and Maori. 


The Treaty was also made not just for the agreement between the British and Maori but also for peace between them. New Zealand’s founding document was meant to be a partnership between Maori and the British. It was intended to create unity, but different understandings of the treaty and breaches of it have caused a war. The Maori who agreed to sign did it because they wanted the British to make laws about behavior, the Maori who signed the treaty trusted that the British would make laws that would be good for both them and the settlers. But badly enough from what happened in Taranaki, the laws were good for the government and settlers but not for the Maori. 

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