Questions about “The Black Phantom”

Questions about the Black Phantom 

What type of bike did Finn tell his mother he wanted? Answer = The BMX Ultra One,


What does affecting my social standing mean? Answer = I think it means what someone really wants,


What is a peer group? Answer = I think Peer means friend so I think Peer group means friend group. 

Why did mum agree with everything Finn Described about the bike he wanted? Answer = She probably wanted him to earn the bike with money other than asking her to buy it for him. 


What are stunt pegs on a BMX bike? Answer = Stunt pegs are things that help people perform  stunts 


Why was Pop’s bike called “The Black Phantom” ? Answer = It was shiny polished black with red trims and white pinstripes. 


Why did pop keep the black phantom after all those years? Answer = I guess he just wanted to keep the bike for memories. 


Why didn’t Finn know about the black phantom? Answer = because it was built in 1951


 Why did the daily news only offer only boys the chance to win the bike? Answer = Probably because girls just didn’t like riding bikes during the time, since it was cold and all. 


 How did Pop feel when Finn said he wanted to earn the bike after spoke to spoke? Answer = he felt proud 


Why is it better to work hard for something special then to be given it? Answer = It’s always better to earn it because you don’t always know how much money or effort it takes into getting something that costs so much or something you really love. 

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