The 2 shoe makers

The 2 shoe makers

“Hey! That was my customer!’’ screamed George, 

“Too bad maybe I just have better shoes than you’ll ever have.’’ Thomas said with a smirk on his face. 

“I have been selling shoes here for more than anyone else who has been here! And you think you can steal them?’’ George said in an angered tone. 

Thomas whistled as he showed off the customers’ money to George, “You wont be getting this in a while’’ Thomas said laughing while watching George walk back inside his store. 

“Oh I’ll show you customers money,’’ George had mumbled as he got out all his tools and started to make a shoe that he thought Thomas would never be able to beat. 


The next day George walked out of the store showing off his brown shoe that he had been working so hard on. 

“Pfft that pathetic thing is what you come up with? Hahaha!’’ Thomas laughed hysterically, as Thomas pressed a button that said copy at the bottom of his truck with his crane his truck started to shake and shake. Within a few seconds his shoe rack became full with all the shoes looking exactly like George’s, “Beat that!’’ Thomas said with an evil look. 

George looked at the exact copy of shoes that Thomas had made but just more colourful, “Hey! That wasn’t fair, you can’t take my shoes and just make them your own!’’ George said in an angered voice.

“Well looks like I can’’ Thomas said 

George walked back inside and thought of giving up until his shoes came and told George the plan with their shoe looking language. “Hmm that sounds like a good idea but I don’t think it’ll work.’’ George said in a sad voice. As George walked out of the store going towards Thomas, he was nervous and anxious about the idea until he got to Thomas.

“There you are,’’ Thomas said, “I see you have seen the note?’’ Thomas asked, as George gave the box and the note. “Well done,’’ Thomas said in a cheerful tone, “ Looks like somebody finally knows they can’t beat me.’’ 

George walked away as Thomas put on the golden shoes that were inside the box and then started to tap dance or just dance around. 

George turned around “Ha! It worked!’’ George exclaimed as Thomas danced away and George lived happily ever after.


Task decription: This is my writing about two shoe makers that we had to do a conversation about and we had watched 2 videos. One of the videos were about learning how to use speech marks and when and where it could be said in a story and the 2nd video was the video about the two shoe makers that weren’t talking so we could use creative ideas and think of what they were thinking at least to make up our conversations. We couldn’t do a conversation that wasn’t themed with this story but we had to do a story that was related to the theme that the 2nd video had.

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