Year 7 Step up

Last week on Wednesday on the 18th of May, the year 8’s went to a leadership camp for three days. The year 7’s stayed at school and did something called a year 7 step up program while the year 8’s were gone. 


One of my favourite things about the year 7 step up was the puzzle art that we had to do with Miss Hill. She was the leader of the team Mighty Kiwi for the first rotation of the block and day. What we had to do was draw different types of colours on a puzzled paper we got given. Some were bird pieces and some were words. I was given words and it was easy to draw but I took my time on drawing so it looks nice. 


The year 7’s had a movie on Friday with popcorn in the middle and last block of school because the program for year 7 and 8 were ending. We were watching the movie Soul and Raya and the Last Dragon, quietly because it was a time to relax from all the fun we had and a time to remember. While the year 7’s were eating popcorn there was something at the bottom, curiosity struck me as I reached for the bottom and found 3 types of lollies at the bottom, there was a lollipop, and 2 small squared lollies. 


During these 3 days I was nervous of what we were doing while the year 8’s were gone but it was fun anyways because I got to hang out with different types of people and I also got to talk to them while trying to do participation type of activities. I didn’t enjoy it when we yelled at each other during the time we had to work together but we learnt from it at the end and worked together. 


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