Mushroom Land

Mushroom land

Years ago, Mushroom land was a glorious place in the sky above of what reality was down below. No one knew if it was existent or non-existent because there was a protective barrier that made it invisible all around, the creatures were phenomenal and remarkable in all sorts of ways. But that dream then vanished in dark thick air when something then started to spread in the distance of the land, screaming and horror spread out as loud as sirens. Forest green poisonous fire expanded onto the glowing mushrooms, it was a blood night when it happened no one knew why exactly tonight. 

All the creature’s hopes faded away for a saviour, No creature knows what or who could save them, the creatures think that no life form would be able to make it onto their land but they “think”  that not knowing it, there’s still a chance something or someone could make it… 

A few years later… 

“Hurry up!” Harper exclaimed, running at high speed, “I’m TRYING!” wailed Dexter, Calvin just walked, already knowing they were going to be late. As soon as we arrived at school we gave a loud gasp for air “we…!” Harper cried, but the bell had rung long before they had arrived. The disappointed look on Harper and Dexter’s faces was priceless! How would Calvin know they were going to be late in the first place he was the one walking. Anyways as Harper, Dexter, and Calvin entered the school they got lectured by the teacher about how they are always late and always slow. It was an hour’s worth of lecture, and they were tired of all the words that sprouted out of his mouth. They ran to class after that thinking that’d be the end of all their problems,

Six hours later….

“Finally,” Calvin said with an exhausted look on his face “how about you guys come over to my house?” Dexter questioned “sure” the others had replied, as they all walked to Dexter’s house with exhaustion something appeared in front of them in the middle of the street that was blocking them from walking. It was a void of darkness as they started to clench their eyes to see what kind of thing it was. It had already started to suck them up inside of it Harper screamed “ah! help!” but it was already too late for anyone to help them. They got sucked into the deep dark mysterious portal sending them to the magical land that was known to be a legend….Mushroom land…..Harper, Calvin, and Dexter all fell from the sky onto a mysterious land filled with…Mushrooms? They were all confused as they all looked around with curiosity not knowing what they had to get out of. 


“Huh?” Harper said with curiosity, “Ow! My head hurts!” Exclaimed Dexter, “ugh your head is fine,” said Calvin “stop being dramatic,” said Calvin, as they walked down a path with so many questions in mind they were also thinking of how to get out as well. As flying creatures spread throughout the land they touched and glanced at every detailed thing there. “Wow!” Harper exclaimed, “this is cool!” Dexter Replied. Running through the meadows of chocolate and candies with mushroom trees, one cat, in particular, someone named Cheshire, a blue invisible cat that flies around with a mysterious smile, one to make you happy or one to make you mad. “Hi” with a low voice Cheshire said, “I can help you find your way home,” he said in a very mischievous voice, as they walked through a dark disappearing forest filled with drooling oil from the very river that leads straight into the forbidden forest. 

“Are you sure this is safe?” Calvin Questioned Cheshire, “of course, it isn’t” replied Cheshire, “why? Did you think this was going to be a safe trip back home?” said Cheshire, they continued walking in silence and awkwardness down the path through the dying oak trees. “Wow” Harper responded in a disappointing scared voice, “yes indeed, it has always been like this, and we have been waiting for our saviours to come and solve this mystery for years, and no one has yet to come except for you three.” replied the puzzling cat. They all walked in silence, up and down the old hills that started to sink, until they saw something great in the far distance. “Is that- a miniature castle?!” Dexter called, “no, no, no you’re getting it all wrong!” replied Calvin, Cheshire didn’t want to float around waiting for their flesh bags to reach that castle so he picked every one of them and decided to hurry there before it was too late.  

45 minutes later…

As they started to arrive at the castle they all looked down at it, “and you’re telling me we have to save this tremendous land by walking into that small castle,” Harper, Dexter, and Calvin laughed. “hahaha” “you must be joking!” said Calvin, with no hope at all the Cheshire cat was mad. “You all must listen to me! There will be terrible danger and consequences if one thing goes wrong.” Demanded Cheshire, they all thought about it at first, and what consequences did the cat mean? Of course, no one would know but curiosity was always so close to asking why. They all went back to the start where they came from, and it was back at the mushroom mountain. It was a high sky-scraping tower that reached the outer atmosphere. 

“Oh no,” Replied Harper, “how are we gonna get there?” Calvin exclaimed. “I don’t know but we have to get there somehow.” replied Dexter, ” I think I know away but I don’t think it’s gonna be a foolproof Idea.” Responded Harper, as Harper looked around for a very jumpy-looking mushroom. 

“There,” said Harper, “we can use these jumpy looking mushrooms to jump into the sky and try to aim for the tippy tip of Mushroom Mountain, we only have one chance at this so make it worth it.” as darkness started to spread closer to the mushroom mountain and the creatures of the land started to fade away, everything started to get gloomier by the minute. “hurry!” screamed Harper, Calvin went first, “1,2,3!” Screamed Calvin as he lifted off the mushroom going high in the sky aiming for mushroom mountain, hoping he could make it, and then he did! Dexter went next. He jumped onto the mushroom and up he went onto the platform of the mushroom mountain standing there with Calvin and waiting for Harper. 

“Hurry Harper!” exclaimed Dexter and Calvin, “there’s no time!” said Harper, “just grab the key and slide down the mushroom mountain!” As Calvin grabbed the key Dexter went down first then Calvin went down next, it was chaotic as the mountain started to fade away “quickly!” said Harper, they all ran to the miniature kingdom as swiftly as they could. With horror in their eyes, they quickly open the door with the key accidentally breaking it, accepting their fate, as they hug each other until the end. 

They all gasp, “what is this? Have we…come back to Earth?”  but like in every story, it can’t just end like that. Harper got up off the ground, seeing these yellow wallpapered walls, some had scratches on them and the carpet was filthy like no one was ever there. “This looks like a maze..” Calvin said with a worrying voice, a black voided creature growled and Harper, Dexter, and Calvin all hesitated as they all got goosebumps. “D-Did you hear that,” Dexter said in a whispering voice, they all stayed together and hugged each other, we have to try and escape this place, but since we might be here for a little while we should name this place…maybe the “BACK ROOMS”  legend has it they still are trying to find their way out. To this day, they may have not survived… Or did they? 



Task description: This story was a narrative story, that my literacy class had to finish. We had to use the word “TOPS” standing for: Tittle,Orientation,Problem, and solution. we also had to use our senses: Smell, Taste, Feel, Hear,and taste. We had to at least use two of our senses in our narrative story, we also had to use interesting vocabulary and dialogue for our characters in our story. 

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