Shrek’s About Me

Hello there, My name is Shrek,I live alone in my swamp but I am from a kingdom from far far away. This is my blog and I do normal things as some ogres would everyday. I am an ogre that has ears that stick up and I have green skin. I am strong like a bull that cannot be tamed when bad people show up. I am brave and intelligent  when I have to be, I can be tricky sometimes and I am strong, I like it when it is  quiet when I am alone in my swamp. I have a horrible roar that can scare humans who trespass my property that I don’t know of.My favourite things are the layers of onions, Other foods that I like are slugs and fish, I love an eyeball sandwich.I love to walk around when its nice and quiet that way I can get time by myself.

Task description: 

For this task we had to write an About me piece of writing for Shrek. We focused on promoting Shrek in a positive way.

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