Month: March 2022

Word Search – Responsibility

This is apart of my homework for this week!

The theme for this word search is Responsibility and the word itself is in there

as well! Let me list down the words for you so you can probably start searching!

  • Authority
  • Burden
  • Duty
  • Guilt
  • Importance
  • Obligation
  • Power
  • Responsibility



– Understanding Verbs

Today in the first block of school we had a free choice of  writing activities to do,

this is what I chose. I was learning about verbs and understanding the meaning which are

action words. I know some already,but to understand it I had to do this

activity, It was REALLY helpful! It helps me with the past,present and future tense meaning.

Inquiry – Space

The students of team five had to choose between mouth,body and space

to do there inquiry about. I chose space and this is was it was, clean and dirty, like before and after.

Remember to always clean your classroom even if the teachers and students aren’t looking

because either way it is the right thing to do anyways!