Explanation Craft: What qualities make a great Tecaher.

Teachers are the people that help us learn things as we start getting into school. There are helpful teachers, lovely teachers, and other sorts. But have you ever wondered what makes a great teacher? Well, then today is your lucky day! I’ll be telling you some information about them.


A great teacher would help kids with things they don’t understand such as a word, then the teacher would explain what the word means. Another reasoning on the question “How to be a great teacher?” is when some of them have a balance between having fun and playing games with their class and then have the other side which would be working and focusing to finish things. These kinds of teachers would try and understand what level of the student they’re teaching at to be able to know what they should teach for them to understand.


Other things that make a great teacher is when they look after kids when they fall or get hit by something or someone and pull them away from the fight. This is all I have about a great teacher. If you have some other advice about great teachers, that’s great!

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